AQ CIRC PUMP Changed design to circulation pump of all Volvo 4 or 6 cylinder in-line engines. Short explanation: remove one pipe, add one hose.
ETHANOL & GAS Volvo Penta Service Bulletin on 10% Ethanol Gasoline Short Explanation: how to decrease water content in fuel
BAD GAS II Volvo Parts Bulletin on gasoline additives causing vapor lock Short explanation: fuel pump problems caused by excess air
ETHANOL ISSUES Mercruiser's article from the Mercury Messenger on ethanol problems.
DIESEL TROUBLE SHOOTING Page from Volvo Penta Owners Manual for Diesel Engines
DP PERFORMANCE Volvo Penta Brochure that compares Volvo Penta and Mercruiser Duoprops
ENG MOUNT BOLTS New Volvo Penta engine mounts for D31, D41 and D42 engines Short explanation: have to make a bigger hole for the engine mount on the bracket.
EX FLAPPER 31 / 41 Volvo Penta Parts bulletin explaining exhaust flapper overhaul kit Short explanation: parts list
FLAPPER PARTS BULL Volvo Penta Flapper Parts Bulletin Short explanation: Remove flapper valve from V8 and V6 Y-pipes because they fail and clog exhausts
GAS FUEL PUMP Volvo Penta Chart of fuel pump output pressure for all gas engines with electric fuel pumps
GM OIL FILTERS Volvo Penta Parts Bulletin explaining different sizes of oil filters for GM engines.
IMPELLER 825940 Volvo Penta Parts Bulletin explaining the superceding numbers for this impeller. Note: part numbers have changed even after this bulletin has been printed. You may rely on Marine Parts Express RPL numbers or the ONE LIST to find the new numbers.
K44 VALVE COVER 1 Volvo Penta Parts Bulletin explaining that you no longer need a gasket for the valve cover
K44 VALVE COVER 2 Volvo Penta Service Bulletin explaining you no longer need a gasket for the valve cover
MERC SHIFT PLATE 1 Mercruiser Parts Bulletin explaining superceded number for shift interruptor switch for all Mercruisers
MERC SHIFT PLATE 2 (page 2 of above)
NEW AIR FILTER 31 / 41 Volvo Penta Parts Bulletin on Air Filters for 31 and 41 engines. Short explanation: throw away metal housing, replace with plastic, new filter element number
SPARK PLUG ID Volvo Penta Parts Bulletin explaining correct part numbers for spark plugs for all gas engines, 1994 and newer, including large quantity packs
TAMPER PROOF DIST You need a special tool to remove the distributor cap on engines after 2003. Short explanation: Buy Volvo Penta Part number: 885163
U JOINT 1 Volvo Penta Parts Bulletin explaining U-Joint replacement part numbers for all outdrives after 270, including DP, DPX, SX and DP-S
U JOINT 2 (page 2 of above)
UNIVERSAL TACHOMETER Volvo Penta Universal tachometer (part number 858087) instructions-- how to set the code
VOLVO RPM Volvo Penta Chart full throttle RPM ratings for diesel engines

PDF Section

VALVE COVER GASKET KIT Installation instructions from Volvo Penta for changing the valve cover gasket, kit #876953.
GM Oil Filters Which Volvo Penta oil filter to use for your GM engine.
Sterndrive U-Joints Replacement numbers for complete u-joint assembly categorized by drive type: SX, DP-S, XDP, 270, 290 etc.
Rubber Cushion Engine mount bolt size change for the D31, D41, D42 engines.
Fresh Water Flushing Parts list to hook a garden hose up to flush your Volvo Penta gas engine. Part number 23 is where you connect the garden hose.
Prop Puller Tool To remove stuck Volvo Penta DP-S, DPS-A sterndrives that use the D and F series props.
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