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Pleasurecraft Engine Group is the largest manufaturer of gasoline inboards in the world. We build gasoline inboards only, and we concentrate on the elite niche markets within these boating applications. Many of the world's top boat builders use Pleasurecraft Engine Group inboards, and we are proud of the quality of the craft we propel.

For over 25 years, PCM has provided top quality inboard engines for the demanding ski boat application. Our history is one of constant innovation. From the pyramidal exhaust manifold to the Power Plus transmission to the first computerized engine management system to the Fuel Control Cell, PCM has engineered marked improvements to the inboard engine design. The result is improved performance, lasting durability and unprecedented reliability.

No matter which PCM model you choose, you can be sure it carries the same standard of excellence for which PCM is famous. All PCM inboards are equipped with premium features and top-of-the-line components that can't be found elsewhere.

When you are buying an inboard, settle for nothing less than the best. PCM inboards are the total value.

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